This is me.
Swimming through school

OK, maybe just wading.

It started pretty innocently this afternoon at 5 pm. Our last class would be in half an hour so I was just sitting around unproductively with friends at the canteen.

There was Cookie, Joni...

... and their attempts to outdo each other at the monumental game of Hangman.

Beside me was Hazel (she will be angry with me about now; she hates being in pictures).

And this was the sky at about that time.

I should have known it was going to rain. But our school has so many false alarms that it's ridiculous. I'd gotten tired of bringing an umbrella then watching the sun come out. And all I had in the car was a large umbrella resembling a cane. It made me feel like a grandma so I left the thing.

I'm sure you, dear Reader, know where this is going. Well, sit back and enjoy not being there when hell broke loose.

So there we were caught in some sort of flash flood. I thought of the granny umbrella, and ended up getting it from the car with Cookie's umbrella (our only one) for protection.

I did get it. And I also got soaked. Back, front, my pants up to my thighs... I think only my head wasn't wet. I once heard everything would be fine as long as your forehead wasn't wet. That wasn't comforting as my shoes full of muddy water sloshed about.

I felt like a human sacrifice for the good of all. My penance for pride, I guess. I could have lugged that umbrella around and avoided wading through that water.

We thought the teacher would be crazy to show up. And he did show up. I won't hint what this is supposed to imply about him. :D

Hazel and I looked like wet rats (her words, not mine). The teacher even offered to excuse us from class so we wouldn't catch pneumonia or some such rain-related disease.

But we stayed and practically dried up. I hear you're not supposed to do that.

What can I say? I drove home cold.

By the way, songs from High School Musical are stuck in my head right now. I compounded the problem by downloading them into my iPod.

Listening to "Breaking Free" over and over...

It's not that the movie was Oscar material but any movie that makes me feel good is good enough for me. And this one REALLY made me feel good. It's just so fun! :D

Daisy on 6/26/2006 10:41:00 PM