This is me.
So hard to write...

... when there are too many things to write about. :)

I will attempt to squeeze the juice out of my brain into words one of these days, but it will be pretty slow.

First, the Pride & Prejudice madness passed me by. I've been waiting four months for this movie to come out (with my sister, of course). We turned down watching a pirated DVD because we wanted to see it on the big screen the first time. The first three times we saw it were pretty memorable. :)

picture from here

Signal # 1: with my Mom and my sister the first night it came out in theaters... our joy could not be described! ;) What can I say? It was worth it! Everytime Mr. Collins (see above with the um... macho look on his face) came out, everyone in the theater laughed. He was just ridiculous...

Daphy, me, and April in front of the theater (which you cannot see because we blocked it).
Signal # 2: with April and Daphy in formal attire and make-up. It was all so spontaneous, and before we knew it, we had gone from a formal wedding into a theater for the last full showing. Fun, though. April says she will never forget buying tickets in a crowd in that get-up. ^_^

picture from here

Signal # 3: with Liesha, Joni, Arn2, and Daphy (who ran in much later with equal eagerness) on *SQUEE* a DVD with the US ending! *jumps from foot to foot like a deranged schoolgirl* It was the perfect destresser after getting our grades in Drafting >.< (this brings to mind the well-used line in the block "Kill me now.") that morning. All I can say is everyone loved Mr. Darcy (see above --- girly bonding, you understand).

So that seemed like a really long post. Will write some more sometime, somewhere... :)

Daisy on 3/28/2006 10:02:00 AM