This is me.
Saying my goodbyes

I just came from a debut (or 18th birthday party if you're not familiar with the term). It was cool. I (and about 35 other people) had to speak about the celebrant, and me being me, I forgot to prepare a speech. Suffice to say I didn't get very good pictures while my hands were shaking with the trauma.

I got a picture with April (classmate through kinder, primary, and secondary --- FIVE schools in all). We haven't really talked lately; I guess we're getting so busy. If you're reading this, Pril, yes, I shall call when we have less tests. :D

I told the celebrant "Welcome to the club!" In other words, you're 18 now, you're legal. But I'm turning 19 in two weeks, LOL. The curse of being older than almost all your classmates.

On other breaking news, I'm leaving. For about a week, anyway.

I have big midterm exams coming up, and they've scared me into turning off my computer and studying like my life depended on it. I mean, look at some of my books:

Those are actually just two books about 1500-2000 pages long. I used to get muscle pain lugging them around so I sliced one of the books into three and decorated them myself. :)

Maybe I'll be inspired to study with such pretty covers. Then again, maybe not.

Calculus is also making me nervous.

Yes, that's only one problem. One problem on three blackboards in small writing. I couldn't even get a picture of all the blackboards. This is the class where we all applaud when the problem's finished because one takes an HOUR to do.

This is what nightmares are made of.
I came home and slept after this class; I was that dizzy. WHY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING?

NOTE: I am not shifting, just amusing myself by waxing poetic over my choice of course. :D

Anyway, see you all around some time. When I have the time. Take care!

Daisy on 8/04/2006 11:32:00 PM