This is me.
So I'm back!

After weathering exams and pounding my brains to near-death, I'm finally blogging again!

Seriously, school has been a pain lately. It's like you keep forcing your brain to work and it just won't do anything anymore. My blockmates and I reached the breaking point last Thursday: we just kept all our books and calculators and blew everything off. For a short while anyway. :)

But the funny thing about all this is I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I'm right where I want to be.

So aside from boring school, I've been destressing from school by trying to be creative. Trying is the operative word here. I revamped my Friendster profile.

And made a new blog design.

Even our Sunday School class's attendance sheets were not exempt from my impulsive arty side.

My mom also went to Manila (our country's capital) over the weekend to watch a big badminton competition. I'm not big on badminton these days so I don't really have much to say on it. She did have fun, though. What's more, she brought back tidings of good cheer (read: food).

My mother sure knows how to go foodtripping. She brought...

1) gigantic siopaos from Emerald Garden. I don't really know where that is but these are big, aren't they?

2) rich bread. And really expensive too. We just wanted to try it and see what all the fuss and extra pesos was about.

It was good, by the way. But I wouldn't buy it on a daily basis.

3) I forgot what this is called. Anyway, it's a Chinese thing, a pork leg that's sliced and warmed before eating. It's really good though it doesn't really look it.

I mean, my cousin is a great cook, and he says he dreams about this at night! :D

4) sublime lemon squares from Mary Grace. :D I've never been in that bakery myself but my mom brings back these squares everytime she goes there. They're so good and soft that they melt in your mouth! They're lemony but not too much so. They're sweet but not... I'll stop now.


These are so delicious. You bite into them and you actually get to taste milk. It's that creamy! :D It's also that expensive. I never ask my mother for these but she surprises me now and then.

There was a whole lot of other food but those were the high points for me. Suffice to say they all got me through my time of testing (aside from God helping me out, of course). :)

In short, I did a lot of stuff.


Oh yeah! I saw POTC 2.

Go Johnny!
from Rotten Tomatoes

It was really cool. The effects, stunts, and costumes were great. The lines, comic relief, and even the expressions on the actors' faces made me laugh. I liked the story though some might find it a little clunky. I suggest watching the first one before you see this. It's much more enjoyable that way.

The ending was a real cliff-hanger though (no spoilers here), but I guess Disney's just cashing in so we'll all watch the third installment, yes?

Daisy on 7/22/2006 04:39:00 PM