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Why I Haven't Been Online As Much

Some people wonder why I have taken a bit longer (maybe two days or so) to answer their replies. Or why I haven't made as many blog designs or why my Friendster account is not checked as often as it used to be.

So. Why?

stock photo by Dez Pain, by the way

1) I'm trying to do better in school and become more responsible with my commitments as the batch treasurer & financial committee head of the Council. Classes have been throwing lots of exams, assignments, and complicated projects the past few weeks, and I'm tired. It's all fun (and occasionally mindbending) work. but it's also time-consuming.

For instance, I was in school at 7:30 am yesterday. I made shampoo and liquid detergent in lab class, had a moderately difficult exam in the next class, and a grueling lecture. I then helped out with our bulletin presentation for a school event, and finally left school at 9 in the evening.

2) I'm reading more. I just finished a really good book called Balancing Your Family, Faith, & Work by Pat Gelsinger about being busy with stuff in life for a purpose. I often make long to-do lists and run myself ragged to complete them, so this book resonated with me. It reminded me that there's so much more I can do with my life than what I'm doing now. Besides, life is short, so why waste any of it doing things that have no real value?

I have more books on my nightstand: Walt Disney's biography, books on knitting stuffed animals, & a dragon trilogy among other things. I've also found some interesting e-books.

So yes, I've been reading.

3) I've been learning to draw & design better.

This involves reading about drawing and designing in books and on the internet. I've also been taking a lot of online tutorials, and experimenting with the way I usually make things.

I regularly lurk on DeviantArt. I love looking at what people can come up with for art's sake, and some amazing ones lend me inspiration for my own stuff. I also submit a few tidbits in my own account.

4) I've been improving my relationships. Time I'd usually spend on the computer have been spent with my family, friends, and God instead. It's pretty rewarding, actually. I'm closer with my family and friends, and spending time with God in prayer or reflection over the Bible brings me real peace.

This doesn't mean I will stop replying to people or designing blogs and whatnot. It just means I'm trying to balance my time so I can do what I couldn't do otherwise. :)

So I guess that's it for now.

And yes, dear Reader, you can expect photos and my usual escapades on the next post.

Thanks for reading!

Daisy on 9/19/2007 07:34:00 PM