This is me.
Dear Daphy

Ehem. *cricks my fingers and palms for extra effect* Let's begin.


My little sister is 18 now, and I can't believe it. I can't believe I was busy doing homework at midnight today, forgetting to greet you until you mentioned all the people who had already called and greeted you.

eating (with me) as always

So much has changed (we're bigger now, obviously), but so much has stayed the same too. You're still one of the first people who will hear my secrets, rants against reckless drivers, and crazy dreams. You're still the person I will laugh with about stupid jokes because our combined humor is infinitely superior (read: sillier and more morbid) to anyone else's. Rather, they don't think what we laugh at is funny but I'm glad we have the same line of thought.

I remember looking at you when you had a certain expression on your face, and immediately getting what you were thinking. It pleases you that you can do the same thing. I bet we'll be doing that a lot.

I love how enthusiastic you are about relaxing. I remember how you tried to teach your sister-with-workaholic-tendencies how to sleep while it's raining outside. Without you, I don't think I'd enjoy the simple things.

I love how you always get me to watch dance movies with you. I love how you love to dance, period. You do know what makes you happy, don't you?

Thank you for always being the first to call me out when I've done or said the wrong thing.

What else can I say without making this post overly long?

Happy birthday, Daph. May your year be wonderful and full of blessings. May you learn new things, and keep happy. Love you, Meme.

Daisy on 9/16/2007 04:53:00 PM